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The Widow’s Fast Prayer

Heavenly Father, the poor are indeed among us today. While there are
many people in need, in recent days I have become particularly concerned about
the suffering of _________________. I want to be part of Your plan to meet that
need. That is why the funds I save through fasting are being sent to
______________ for their humanitarian work. Beyond this, I want to do more.
Lord, as I follow Your leading in my life and observe the Widow’s Fast, open my
eyes to other things that can be done to meet this need and show me what I can
do to help. Please meet this need and help me do everything I ought to see this
prayer answered. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Preparing for the Widow’s Fast

Aim: The Widow’s Fast for diverting funds to meet the needs of others.
Vow: Lord, I vow to fast and pray according to the following outline on behalf of
the specific people named. During the fast I commit myself to giving to You,
through an agency or directly to the needy, the funds that would normally
provide my food.
Specific Need: I will endeavor to meet the needs of ____________________.
Specific Amount: I will contribute a total of $________ to this cause, based on
what I would have otherwise spent on my own meals.
Fast: What I will withhold: _______________________
Activity: I will be praying at mealtimes specifically for ___________________
during fast.
After Fasting: To identify with those for whom I am fasting, I will break my fast
by ________________.
My Own Needs: The need in my own life I would like God to meet as I fast is:
Beginning: Date and time I will start: ____________________________
End: Date and time I will stop: ____________________________
Bible Basis: 1 Kings 17

Bible Promise: “The jar of flour will not be used up and the jug of oil will not run
dry until the day the Lord sends rain on the land” (1Kings 17:14).
Signed: __________________________________________________________
Date: ______________________________________________________