United Methodist Youth Ministry

United Methodist Youth Ministry assists young people of the church to know Jesus Christ, to serve Him, to grow spiritually and seek daily to do His will. The ministry is in three different age groups.

Children’s Ministry: (birth-12yrs old) Works to develop children’s love of Christ.  Children’s church volunteers are always needed.

Children’s Ministry Chair: Christiana Williams


Yout’s:  (ages 9-12 yrs old) Introduces children to organized worship through regular study, prayer, and worship services.  It assists them with their purpose and faith through community involvement

Yout’s Ministry Chair: Vincent Tillis


Youth Ministry: (ages 13-18 yrs old) Promotes opportunities for spiritual growth through worship, study, and prayer.  It helps them to understand themselves and their faith as a basis for a meaningful life.

Youth Ministry Co/Chairs: Cynthia Hardy & Kevin Wilson

Youth Pastor: Jon Randolph