21 Days Information & Affirmation/Commitment Information

Ezra’s Fast Prayer

Heavenly Father, the problem of __________________ has become an increasing source of concern to me. I am not certain how to best resolve this problem. But I know You have the insight I need in this matter and are willing to share that insight with me as I wait on You. Lord, as I follow Your leading in my life and observe the Ezra Fast, guide me through the process of problem-solving to come up with a creative solution to this baffling situation. Give me the courage to carry out Your desires regarding the solution to this problem. Begin working in the lives of others so that a good solution may be implemented in a way in which You will be most honored. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

Preparing for the Ezra’s Fast

Aim: Solving a problem through the Ezra Fast.

Vow: I will examine all facts to understand the problem and will ask God to give me insight into its causes and solution. After I have followed all the principles God has shown me and have done everything, I can do to solve the problem, I will accept the results within the providence of God.

Fast: Foods from which I shall abstain: ____________________________.
Beginning: Date and time I will start: __________________________________.
End: Date and time I will stop: __________________________________.
Statement of the Problem: __________________________________________.

Bible Basis: To fast and petition our God about the problem, asking Him to answer our prayer.

Signed: __________________________________________
Date: ______________________________